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Fundraising & Community Building

Sisterhood engages in fundraising activities throughout the year, so that we can offer programs to the community and raise money to fulfill the mitzvah of tzedakah (charity). We strive to have community building as a key component of any fundraiser that we undertake.

Rummage Sale 2019
Collection Day: Sunday, November 3, 8:30am - 1:00pm
Sale Days: Monday, November 4 - Wednesday, November 6

The Rummage Sale is Sisterhood’s biggest fundraiser. We donate thousands of dollars to a wide range of organizations with the proceeds from this sale.

Donations and volunteers are the keys to our success. This year we especially would like to receive many donations of clothing for infants and children. Please search your schedules and find some time to help before, during, or after the sale. View shifts/Volunteer. Community service letters are available for high school students. Tax receipts are available to donors.

The Rummage Sale is open to the general public.

Sisterhood Holiday Marketplace

Every year, Sisterhood sponsors a Marketplace in the month before Hanukkah. Over 50 artists and artisans participate in this annual craft fair.

Buyers can choose from handcrafted items. Browse through baby and children items including clothing, educational toys, dolls, bibs, and bedding. Try on some of the adult clothing, flip flops, hair supplies, knit sweaters, hats, scarves, pashimas, jewelry and handbags. Browse through household items such as ceramics, metal sculptures, and several different types of wood creations. Shop our classic and new vendors as well as our Temple Isaiah Judaica Shop. 

We also sell homemade lunches, snacks and desserts. 

Proceeds from the Marketplace benefit over 50 charities, from hospices to women's shelters and breast cancer research, as well as Israeli and international Jewish organizations.

The Sisterhood Holiday Marketplace is open to the general public.

Judaica Shop ... Your Source for All Things Jewish

The Sisterhood also runs the Judaica Shop, which is open most Sundays between 9:00 and 1:00 when the Religious School is open as well as other times when we have volunteers to staff it. Sisterhood members are encouraged to volunteer at the Judaica Shop. Call the telephone number posted on the door of the Judaica shop to arrange an appointment to shop outside of our regularly scheduled hours.

Call with questions, for an appointment or to volunteer. You may also Email Us at the Temple Isaiah Judaica Shop.

Mah Jongg Madness Tournament 

The game of Mah Jongg seems to be getting more and more popular, with new players learning the game every year.  There will be competitive play for those who are confident at the tables, and a Casual Corner for those who love the comradery and fun, but who do not wish to compete.  EVERYONE is WELCOME!   There will be cash prizes for the top winners in the tournament, and Mah Jongg items for game winners in the Casual Corner.

This is a fundraiser, so in addition to the entry fee, we will be offering raffle tickets for gift baskets and some fun Mah Jongg items!  Proceeds from the event benefit over 50 charities, from hospices to women's shelters and breast cancer research, as well as Israeli and international Jewish organizations.

YES Fund / Legacy Fund Brunch

Proceeds of this event will be donated to the Sisterhood Legacy Fund, which is an endowment fund in the family of funds of Temple Isaiah. 

YES Fund / Legacy Fund Honorees in alphabetical order (as of June 2018)

Pam Awrach *
Marjorie Bladd *
Sandy Bornstein * 
Ella Brehm
Joann Brennan
Judi Brosnan *
Marsha Byrnes *
Janine Cohen
Pat Cooperstein *
Helen Cravis (z”l)*
Sandy Dickerman *
Nancy Feld
Lynne Fisher
Ruth Fleischmann *
Laura Foster *
Harriet Freedman *
Betty Lou Furash *
Didi Gilbert *
Paula Goldman
Florence Gould (z”l)*
Florence Harris
Susan Hartz *
Nancy Hodin *
Sally Huebscher*
Shirley Hurwitz
Judy Izen
Esther Isenberg
Emilie Klein
Susi Kline
Arlene Kolovson *
Mitzi Kuchin (z”l)*
Edith Levi
Cari Luterman (z”l)
Gail Maurer
Susan Marx *
Merle Nierman
Lesley Nemser
Sydney Pearlman *
Judy Roeder​​​​​​​
Sandi Rosenfeld​​​​​​​
Carol Rosenthal *
Irene Rozenzweig​​​​​​​
Carol Sacerdote​​​​​​​
Karen Schorfheide-Ray*
Anna Schriber (z”l)*
Judy Sharenow *
Gini Shevrin(z”l)*
Carol Siegel
Abbe Smerling *
Arlene Stiglitz​​​​​​​
Ann Suskind *
Sue Tafler *
Ceci Warsawski​​​​​​​
Janie Weinberg
Deanna Werrick *
Nancy Winograd​​​​​​​
Jane Wolfman​​​​​​​
Linda Wolk *
DiAnne Wyner​​​​​​​
Bonnie Yales
Star Zieve

YUD Leadership
​​​​​​​All Presidents 2005

* Past Presidents (Note: past president Elaine Brenner chose not to be honored.)

Fri, November 27 2020 11 Kislev 5781