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Count Yourself In


Your membership dues support our district and national WRJ, giving you a voice and making a difference in Jewish causes around the world. As our numbers increase, our collective voice resonates for important causes and our contributions make a difference.


Your participation creates a community to celebrate, learn, and repair the world.


Your volunteering serves a community to welcome new and returning members, to raise money for good work, and to be a link in the chain that connects us to our past and our future.

You may become a member of Sisterhood simply by asking. Pay whatever is comfortable for you.

When you arrived at Temple Isaiah or wanted to join a Sisterhood, Temple Isaiah Sisterhood was here to welcome you. Your mothers, aunts, sisters and generations past created Sisterhood and left if for you. We are asking you to add links to the chain so Sisterhood will be here for the women to come.

We'd love to have you consider Sisterhood and the Y.E.S. Fund of Women of Reform Judaism for your annual giving. All donations are tax deductible

Sign up by clicking on the link at the top of this page..  Payment (if any) can be made by check or credit card.  

If you have questions, please contact

Fri, June 22 2018 9 Tammuz 5778