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Temple Governance

Temple Isaiah is a democratic, participatory congregation. We welcome divergent voices and points of view and make most of our decisions by consensus. We work hard to ensure that our elected officers and trustees reflect the diversity of our congregation.
We value the participation and input of all our members and actively encourage people who have not previously been involved in Temple governance to participate in short or long-term projects. We encourage you to contact any member of the lay leadership to share your ideas and concerns, and we hope that you will become involved.

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Temple Board Meetings

The Board of Trustees meets at regular monthly meetings at least nine (9) times per year. All Temple members are invited to attend these meetings. Dates shift occasionally, so please check the website calendar. Temple members who are logged into their accounts can see Board meeting minutes and agendas for the current year's past and upcoming Board meetings by clicking on the link below.

Temple Board

Temple Isaiah is governed by a Board of Trustees, which consists of all voting members of the board plus all committee chairs (as non-voting members). The voting members of the Board are nominated and elected by the congregation or, in the case of auxiliary presidents, by the auxiliaries.
The voting members of the board are:
  • The President
  • Vice Presidents, including a First Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Development Chair
  • Brotherhood, Sisterhood and LEFTY Presidents
  • Nine Trustees
  •  Immediate Past President
Vice Presidents
Vice Presidents are each responsible for a particular aspect of temple life, working with a cluster of committees and groups that function within that area.
Below are the specific aspects of Temple life currently assigned to each Vice President as well as the clusters of committees and activities they oversee. These clusters and activities may be changed from time to time to reflect current congregational needs.
Vice President of Jewish Living oversees groups that bring together members of Temple Isaiah to explore and celebrate the experience of Jewish community
  • Worship
  • High Holidays
  • Adult Learning
  • Music
  • Liaison to Brotherhood and Sisterhood
  • Yom Shabbat
  • Culture and Performing Arts
  • Museum
  • Library
Vice President of Leadership and Community Development oversees groups that advance Temple Isaiah's commitment to be a growing and connected community
  • Membership
  • Leadership Development
  • Chavurot
  • Community
  • Outreach, Interfaith and Intrafaith
  • Families with young children
  • College and alumni
Vice President of Youth and Family Education oversees those groups that advance Temple Isaiah's commitment to helping youth and family become part of a community of lifelong learners
  • Preschool
  • Religious school
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Youth and family eductation
  • Tichon Isaiah (high school)
  • LEFTY (Isaiah's Youth Teen Group) Publicity
Vice President of Finance -- oversees those groups charged with making Temple Isaiah a fiscally sound community in accordance with congregational values
  • Finance
  • Development
  • Liaison with L’Dor VaDor (endowment)
  • Donations
  • Special Arrangements
  • Memorial Booklet
  • Israel Bond and similar activities
Vice President of Tikkun Olam oversees groups that further Temple Isaiah's commitment to being a Just and Kind Community
  • Social Action
  • Israel Action
  • Hineini, which includes Bikur Cholim (Visiting the Sick), Gemilut Chasadim (Providing Meals),
  • Bereavement, Provide-A-Ride, Knitsvah (Knitting), Baby Welcoming, and Job Networking
  • Mazon
  • Mitzvah Day and similar activities
Vice President of Administration and Communication oversees those groups that help to keep Temple Isaiah a connected and organizationally-responsible community
  • Administration
  • House (Building and grounds)
  • Personnel practices
  • Communications
  • Web page
  • Archivist

Vice President of Philanthropy

The nine trustees are voting members of the board. They are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected by the congregation to serve three-year staggered term. In fulfilling their duties, trustees think broadly about the congregation, rather than focusing exclusively on a particular congregational activity or constituency group. Trustees are liaisons to the broader congregational community and bring ideas and concerns to the board and clergy. Specific responsibilities include :
  • Trustees are assigned specific duties based on their interests, experience and the needs of the Board and the congregation. Trustees may serve as committee members and, in some cases, as committee chairs. They may also be involved in leading ad hoc projects and committees as needed.
  • Second year trustees serve on the Nominating Committee.
  • The trustees elect among themselves a Lead Trustee who sits on the Executive Committee.
  • Trustees attend monthly board meetings. They are also involved in congregational life and take leadership roles as needed.
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice Presidents, Lead Trustee, Secretary and Senior Rabbi as an ex-officio member. Its function is to:
  • Coordinate efforts among the Vice Presidents and their committee clusters
  • Assist and advise the President in carrying out the mission of the temple
  • Provide a forum for discussion of temple issues, problems and developments
  • Make recommendations to the Board as appropriate
  • Serve as the congregation’s personnel committee
Finance Council
The Finance Council brings together key members of the Temple financial community, operating much as the Executive Committee in the financial area.
Their job is to:
  • Keep a strong focus on the Temple's financial operations
  • Coordinate the Temple's financial functions
  • Ensure the long term financial strength of the Temple
  • Ensure that the Temple has sufficient resources to fulfill its mission
Members include :
  • Development Chair
  • Dues and Special Arrangements Chair
  • Treasurer
  • L'Dor Vador Chair
  • President
  • First Vice President
Nominating Committee
The nominating committee consists of:
  • 3 members appointed by the President, including one designated to serve as chairman. The previous Nominating Committee chair shall be among the three.
  • 3 members who are 2nd year Trustees
  • 3 members nominated and elected at the Congregational meeting
The Nominating Committee selects candidates for all elected Temple positions.
The Nominating Committee plays a critical role, ensuring the effective operation of the Temple by selecting individuals with the appropriate skills, values, integrity, energy, attitude, ruach, and who agree to work together in a team in fulfilling the Mission of the Temple.
For more information, see the Temple by-laws.
  • One vice president is elected to serve as First Vice President during his or her tenure as Vice President. The First Vice President may serve as vice president in any of the six vice presidential areas.
  • After serving for two years as First Vice President, this person will become president upon election by the congregation.
For more details about Temple governance, see the Temple By-Laws.
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