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Now that the Discovery phase is complete, we need your ideas for how Temple Isaiah could address the needs we discovered! We want to hear everything: your ideas for new programs, ways to worship, education, facilities, how we organize, volunteering. Everything. And think BIG. Don't constrain yourself to ideas you think can be easily implemented. All ideas, no matter how crazy, will help bring the needs to life and inform the shape of our Vision.

Where do we start? With 8 questions.

Much was shared during Discovery. We poured through it all and selected eight areas of need, which we then turned into "How Might We" statements. In other words, we put needs into the form of a question for you to think about and answer.

Don't worry. You don't need to address all of them and there's more information on brainstorming below.

1. How Might We deepen, embrace, and expand our connection to Judaism through Jewish culture and history (e.g., humor, food, ancestry, stories from the bible, stories of struggle and perseverance)?

2. How Might We pass on Judaism to our children and grandchildren, teach future generations about what it means to be Jewish, and encourage younger generations to embrace their Jewish identity?

3. How Might We observe and celebrate Jewish traditions and rituals (e.g., prayer services, holidays, life cycle events,) in a way that is welcoming and inclusive, and that meets each congregant where they are (e.g., easy and not intimidating to participate for some, more traditional for others)?

4. How Might We feel a sense of calm and peace; and comfort and support each other in a stressful and rapidly changing world?

5. How Might We feel energized, stimulated and excited by Judaism, Jewish life and community in a way that may inspire us to try something new or experience being Jewish differently? What would lift up or move you?

6. How Might We be our authentic selves (accepted for who we are) and build lasting relationships?

7. How Might We be a better version of ourselves and live our Jewish values (e.g., repairing the world, exhibiting moral courage, engaging in lifelong learning, questioning, and/or being a good neighbor)?

8. How Might We live a more spiritual life, finding meaning in our lives by connecting with something bigger than ourselves (e.g., introspection, reflection)?

How do we start to contribute?

Brainstorming is a process to produce ideas or solve problems. There are lots of ways to do it. We suggest three and you can try all of them or pick the one that works for you. No matter which method you choose, you can respond to as many or as few of the eight "How Might We" questions above.

We created a document that gives you all the information you need to be able to contribute. It gives more detail about the eight questions above (including quotes from our interviews and examples of organizations trying to meet a similar need), a guide on how to Brainstorm, and instructions for using one of the three feedback methods.

1. Simply sending us an email at or a voicemail on 800-419-5250 with your ideas.

2. Sharing ideas using an online brainstorming tool: IdeaBoardz.

3. Hosting your own, in-person, or online small-group brainstorming session.

Click here to access the document. It's quite long but you can print out as many or as few of the pages you need.

More background on the Shaping Our Future at Temple Isaiah project can be found here.

That's a lot of information we just shared. If you still have questions after reading the instruction document, please email us at

All Brainstorming options are open until June 25.

Karyn and Dan

Wed, June 23 2021 13 Tammuz 5781