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Why give to Temple Isaiah?

While the word is used interchangeably for charity, tzedakah is a form of social justice provided by the donor as well as those who utilize the support to do their work and those who allow the support into their lives. As is the case with justice, this critical social responsibility cannot be done to someone – rather, it must be done with someone. Tzedakah has two aspects: one with the hand and one with the heart. Judaism teaches that donors benefit from tzedakah as much or more than the recipients and the belief remains a common theme in Jewish tradition. Whereas the recipient receives money or other material assistance, the donor receives the merit of partnering with the Divine to help those in need.

In Hebrew, the word meaning "to give" is natan. In Hebrew and in English, the word can be read forward and backward, so when we think about philanthropy and the idea of “to give” it is also about “to receive.”

So much more than a financial transaction, philanthropy in the spirit of tzedakah builds trusting relationships and recognizes contributions of time, effort, and insight.


How do I make a gift to Temple Isaiah?

The quickest way to make a gift to Temple Isaiah is through our online donation form. A mail-in donation form that can be printed is also available here. For full details on the many ways to make your contribution, including through donor-advised funds, a retirement plan qualified charitable distribution (QCD), a donation of stock, or by wire transfer, check, or credit card, please visit Ways to Give or contact


Can Temple Isaiah accept gifts from foundations or donor-advised funds?

Yes. Please note that our full legal name is Temple Isaiah Inc and our EIN (tax ID) is 04-2531339.


Can I make a donation to Temple Isaiah from my IRA or other retirement plan?

Yes, if you are 70 ½ years or older, you can transfer funds from your IRA or other qualified retirement plans directly to Temple Isaiah. This type of contribution, known as a QCD (qualified charitable distribution), can be a very tax beneficial means of charitable giving. For more information on how to make a gift this way, please contact your tax advisor or


Can I make a pledge to Temple Isaiah or set up a recurring donation?

To arrange a pledge or recurring donation, please contact


To which Temple Isaiah fund should I direct my gift?

Most donors prefer to direct their donations to the Isaiah Annual Fund, which enables the synagogue to make the programs, projects, and activities possible to create an inclusive, diverse, and caring community.

You may also choose to make a donation to one of our many other funds. A wide range of temple programs and activities are supported by the generosity of the Temple Isaiah community, either through the temple’s endowment, L’Dor VaDor, or its current use funds. For more information, please visit the About Our Funds page.


Can I make a gift to Temple Isaiah in honor or in memory of someone?

Making a gift in honor of a simcha (joyous occasion) or special person or in memory of a loved one is a long-standing tradition at Temple Isaiah. When you donate using our online donation form, you can choose to make your gift a tribute in honor or memory of someone, and also indicate anyone whom you would like to be notified of this tribute gift.


If I make a gift to Temple Isaiah, will I receive an acknowledgment letter?

Yes, if you make a gift to Temple Isaiah, you will receive a formal acknowledgment thanking you for your support via email. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within one week of making your gift, please reach out to our Finance team.


If I make a gift to Temple Isaiah, will it be recognized publicly?

Gifts are recognized in the Inside Isaiah newsletter, distributed in print and digitally 5 times per year. If you would like your gift to remain anonymous, you can indicate that on our online donation form.


Are gifts to Temple Isaiah tax-deductible?

Yes. As a house of worship, all gifts made to Temple Isaiah are tax-deductible unless otherwise noted. You will receive a tax statement in January listing all of your charitable contributions to Temple Isaiah for the prior calendar year.


Can I include Temple Isaiah in my estate planning?

Yes, a legacy donation can provide for Temple Isaiah’s future by making the synagogue a beneficiary of an estate. Please visit the Ner Tamid: Planned Giving page or contact, to learn more.


Does Temple Isaiah accept in-kind donations?

Temple Isaiah accepts in-kind donations in certain circumstances when the donations will benefit the synagogue. Please contact

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