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COVID-19 Update
October 7, 2022

Dear Temple Isaiah Family,

After carefully reviewing the current COVID conditions and science, policies of similar institutions in our community, and after considering the importance of coming together as a community, the temple’s COVID Task Force is amending the COVID policy regulations.

Effective Sunday, October 9, 2022, the following requirements are in place for all Temple events, including the Religious School:

  • Masks are optional inside the temple building. We encourage all those who wish to wear a mask to do so, and we remind all to honor and respect each individual’s decision and be respectful of their personal space. 
    • Instances of required masking may arise. If masks are required, this will be clearly communicated in advance.
    • See below for additional masking requirements if you will be participating on the bimah, have recently had COVID, or been exposed to COVID.
  • Individuals who will be on the bimah during worship can be unmasked only if they have a negative rapid antigen test that day (a home antigen test is acceptable).
  • Vaccination is consistent with Jewish values. It protects you and continues to help protect those around you. We strongly endorse and encourage keeping up to date with applicable vaccinations and boosters.
  • Food and drink are allowed in the building. Outdoor eating options may be made available at appropriate times.
  • Stay home if you are sick: If you are exhibiting any symptoms, did not go to school or work due to illness, or if you left early due to illness, please do not come to the temple.
    • If you are on days 0-5 of having COVID, do not come to the temple. Day 0 is the first day you had symptoms or tested positive if asymptomatic.
  • Individuals who are on days 6-10 after having COVID are required to test negative before entering the temple building (at home antigen tests are acceptable). These individuals must wear a mask at all times at temple events through day 10.
  • Individuals who have had a COVID exposure in the last 10 days, and who remain asymptomatic, should wear a mask inside the temple building.

In addition to the guidelines above, please know that every effort is being made to increase ventilation, including using portable air purifiers and exhaust fans in occupied rooms. The temple has upgraded its HVAC system to increase health and safety, and we monitor carbon dioxide levels in our gathering space. Those hosting events in the temple can help increase health and safety by turning on portable HEPA air filters and ensuring participants are wearing masks.  

As a sacred community, we thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines, which are in line with our Jewish values. As the Talmud says:

כל ישראל ערבין זה לזה
Kol yisrael arevim zeh lazeh
We are all responsible for one another

These guidelines will be regularly reassessed as appropriate to keep up with COVID’s evolving status. We have learned that the only thing certain about COVID is its uncertainty. Thank you for your flexibility and support as we continue to navigate the best path to keep our community connected in meaningful ways while minimizing the risk for COVID exposures.

Thank you,

Rabbi Darryl Crystal
Dan Ostrower, President

And the Temple Isaiah COVID Task Force:

Steve Deutsch, Chair
Naomi Greenfield
Rabbi Amy Hertz
Deb Joffe
Lauren Jordahl
Kathleen Lenihan
Judy Shapiro
Kimon Zachary, MD 

Fri, March 31 2023 9 Nisan 5783