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About Jennie

Jennie Goldfarb has worked at Temple Isaiah since 1996.  In her time here, she has served as a B’Mitzvah Coordinator, Educator, LEFTY Advisor, and administrator. Jennie loves working with students of all ages and is very excited for her new role. Jennie graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in English and Elementary Education.

As the Director of Jewish Family Journeys, Jennie views her role as a "travel agent” helping each family find their own Jewish journey. Her work focuses specifically on Grades 5-7, the years leading up to and including B'Mitzvah. Jennie works with each 5th grade student on improving their Hebrew decoding skills, oversees the 5th grade curriculum, and supervises the 5th grade teaching staff. Jennie also oversees the 6th grade curriculum and supervises the 6th grade teachers. She has created a new 7th grade curriculum and teaches in the 7th grade program.  Jennie teaches 11th grade, a Tichon Isaiah elective and co-leads an 8th grade Moving Traditions group. In addition, Jennie works with each B'Mitzvah family from the beginning of the process until the actual rite of passage.

Thu, September 21 2023 6 Tishrei 5784