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Mishkan HaNefesh

Since 1978 Temple Isaiah had used the Gates of Repentance as our machzor for the High Holidays. In 2007, our congregation moved to using Mishkan T’fila (Dwelling Place of Prayer) as our siddur for regular services during the year. Mishkan T’fila represented an approach to prayer that was very different from the book that preceded it, but it has become a familiar and welcoming companion to our prayer experience at Temple Isaiah.

Over the past several years a new High Holidays machzor, similar in approach and style to Mishkan T’fila, has been under development. Entitled Mishkan Hanefesh (Dwelling Place of the Soul), it was published in 2015 was used for the first time in 2015 at Temple Isaiah.

For congregants who want to purchase their own books, we are including an order form that allows purchasing the standard edition for $42.00, or the large format edition for $100 per set. You can mail, email or drop off your order form at the Temple ofice, and after we receieve it we will let you know when your machzors ave available to be picked up. You can also order them directly from the publisher, and links are included for the standard edition, as well as the large format edition. An ebook version was also announced for availability in September, 2016; as of this writing the details about that are not yet available.

If you wish to dedicate one of the machzors that are available for general use in honor or in memory of a loved one, you can do that as well, using the same form.

Sun, May 20 2018 6 Sivan 5778