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Post-Event Survey Form

Congratulations on your child’s B'Mitzvah. We hope that it was wonderful!

As a service to our community, the Temple has created an ongoing resource (the “B'Mitzvah Book”) for families planning their B'Mitzvah, where they can learn from the wisdom of your family and others. We have found that The B'Mitzvah Book provides an invaluable service for our families, with candid advice, referrals, and ideas on planning the event. We hope that you had an opportunity to review the materials of the Book in your own planning and that you found it useful.

Our hope is that every family will document their experience, using either the Web-based form below or the paper form you received in the mail. We will then put the completed forms in the three-ring binder in the Library for others to browse through. The Temple has a disclaimer on the front of the book indicating that it does not endorse any of the contractors or service providers and that this is strictly an optional list. The B'Mitzvah Book stays in the Library at all times.

We hope that you will complete the form while the information is still fresh in your mind. When you're done, click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.

My Child's 3 favorite gifts were:

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