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Gan (Kindergarten)

Teachers: Audrey Sandler & Rebecca Smerling

Hebrew Through Movement Teacher: Jennie Goldfarb

Our Kindergarten curriculum sets a foundation for a lifetime of Jewish learning.  At Temple Isaiah, we hope to inspire our children to live Jewish lives, supported by their families and the Temple community.  The joys of Torah, Mitzvot (commandments for Jewish living), holidays, and Jewish community are explored throughout the Kindergarten year.

More specifically, Kindergarten students participate in Torah Play, a story-based curriculum rooted in Torah stories & Midrashim (interpretative stories about the Torah stories).  Students also bring ancient Torah stories to life by studying the following mitzvot (commandments):  Tzedakah (giving to those in need), Hachnasat Orchim (hospitality), Bikur Holim (visiting the sick), and Kavod (honoring our parents).  Finally, Kindergarten students learn about the rituals and traditions of Jewish holidays through hands-on exploration and community celebrations.  Students make meaning of their learning experiences with wondering questions, expressive and language arts, dramatic play, multi-sensory experiences, Alef-Bet Yoga, and Shira (music).

All kindergarten students and their families participate in Mishpacha: Family Together (five program dates during the year) as well as a Consecration Ceremony, which marks the start of the students’ formal Jewish education.

Kindergarten meets on Sundays (8:45am-10:45am or 11am-1pm)

Click here for the Kindergarten Special Events Calendar 2019/2020.

Sun, May 31 2020 8 Sivan 5780