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Youth Group (LEFTY)

LEFTY (Lincoln Street Federation of Temple Youth) is Temple Isaiah’s adolescent youth group, serving teens in grades 8 through 12. LEFTY strives to make the teachings of Judaism a functioning part of the social outlook of all its members as well as to promote an understanding and practice of the values and traditions of Judaism. LEFTY’s main goal is to provide a space for Jewish youth to meet, develop friendships, and learn in a Jewish setting.

LEFTY is one of the largest and most active youth groups in NFTY-NE, the Northeast Region of the North American Federation of Temple Youth. NFTY-NE holds regional events throughout the year that meet the social, educational, and spiritual needs of its members. There are approximately 70 youth groups in NFTY-NE. For more info on NFTY go to Please note that NFTY-NE Events are only for 9th -12th Graders.

It is extremely difficult to put down on paper the vibrant spirit of LEFTY. We are fortunate enough to have a community in which all members are fully welcome and feel they can play an important role. LEFTY is entirely teen-run under Jennie Goldfarb's guidance. LEFTY strives to reach out to all adolescents in the Temple Isaiah and greater Lexington community, and our members are an enthusiastic, caring, friendly, and welcoming group.

LEFTY Code of Conduct

LEFTY Health and Safety Authorization Form

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