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When God called to Abraham and to Moses, they each responded “Hineini!” – “I am here!” Rashi and others tell us that by Hineini they meant not only that they were present but that they were ready—ready to act, ready to do what needed to be done. Like our forefathers, we at Temple Isaiah want to respond “We are here” when we are called. We are a Jewish community and we care about one another. But to become a true Caring Community, each of us must be ready to say “Hineini!”—to act on our caring, to be present when called upon to support, comfort, and celebrate our fellow congregants. And each of us must at the same time come to feel that our Temple community is a place to turn when we ourselves are in need.

Our Temple is fortunate to already be a caring community.  However, to continue to build and maintain a community where no one feels alone, where each of us knows that he or she can turn to the Temple for comfort, caring and support we need your participation – whether to provide help or receive support. When you need help, we want to be there for you. Please note, in order to provide help, we need to hear from you or from someone who has permission to contact us on your behalf.

We keep a list of helpers who are happy to provide support for those in need of meals, errands, rides to appointments, or visits at a congregant’s home or in the hospital. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the  Hineini Registration Form. If your schedule permits, it would be especially meaningful to add names to our list of those able to bring congregants to the Temple for services or an event.

If you would like information on how to get support, please email our Bikur Cholim co-chairs  or contact the clergy directly. 

Whether you need support or want to volunteer to be a support, please join us in being a truly caring community – We Are Here!

Sat, December 16 2017 28 Kislev 5778