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    2020 Summer Youth Programs (PK-8th Grade)

Session I: Monday, July 6 - Friday, July 31 (4 week session)

Session II: Monday, August 3 - Friday, August 28 (4 week session)

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A separate form must be completed for each child you are enrolling

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Classes open to the community, no membership is required to enroll

Get ready for some summer fun with your friends and teachers from Temple Isaiah!

Sign up your child and/or grandchild for weekly, engaging, fun, experiential opportunities to grow Jewishly this summer! 

Pick your day, class and teacher!  Sign up for one class or a few!  Sign up with a friend or sibling! There is something for all ages!

Make doing Jewish a regular, scheduled part of your family’s summer!

$36 per class (classes are 4 weeks and about an hour), per child.

Classes will meet via zoom. Minimum enrollment required for classes to run.

Last day to enroll/withdraw for session I is 7/1/20.  Last day to enroll/withdraw for session II is 7/29/20.

Questions to Rabbi Amy Hertz, or Debbie Marty,







Jewish Exploration through Stories

Pk - 2


10 AM

Rebecca Smerling

Hebrew Through Movement Refresher**

2 - 5


9:30 AM

Michael Singer

My Jewish Home: Stories & Crafts**

3 - 6


10 AM

Naomi Greenfield

Word Games**

3 - 7 


1 PM

Michael Singer

Israel: Discoveries, Inventions, and Innovations**

3 - 8


4 PM

Gail Maurer

Tikkun Olam Games**

3 - 8


2 PM

Felisa Weiss

Creative Jewish Arts**

5 - 8 


4 PM

Michaela Shamash

Current Events through a Jewish Lens**

6 - 7


7 PM

Ros Shamash

Jewish Meditation**

6 - 8


7 PM

Ros Shamash

Tikkun Middot Online Gaming**

6 +


4 PM

Felisa Weiss

Jewish Cooking Around the World

All Ages


4 PM

Gail Maurer

Hebrew Through
Movement                         2-7                TBD                   TBD            Michael Singer
& Word Games***

*Grade your child is entering in Fall 2020

**Session II Only

***Session I Only, Contact Debbie Marty in the Religious School Office if interested.


Class Offerings:

Jewish Exploration through Stories!

Grades: PK - 2nd Grade

Mondays, 10 AM

Instructor: Rebecca Smerling

Join Rebecca for a mix of Torah and modern stories that lift up our Jewish values!  We will hear the story, ask wondering questions, and share a craft with friends.  Kids will explore on their own and then share back with the group.  We will start with a check-in and enjoy some snack (at your own home!) together with friends!  

Hebrew Through Movement Refresher

Grades: 2nd - 5th Grade

Fridays, 9:30 AM

Instructor: Michael Singer

Review and practice the Hebrew Through Movement words that you've learned during the religious school year. We will move around, use props, and make it fun! We may also learn a few new words.

My Jewish Home: Stories & Crafts

Grades: 3rd - 6th Grade

Thursdays, 10 AM

Instructor: Naomi Greenfield

We have been spending a lot of time in our homes. We are finding things we like about our homes, some things we wish could be different, some ways we can add more beauty to our home and some ways to make more Shalom Bayit--peace in the home.

We will read a Jewish themed book and talk about how it relates to our lives and homes in the present time. We will also do a craft designed to help beautify our homes with a Jewish element.  Crafts may include a mezuzah, Hamsa, window decorations, mobiles or flowers. We will also have an ongoing large project of making a Jewish home dollhouse out of recyclables and simple craft supplies. Kids can work on this on their own or in the session, as much or as little as they want. Every week we will share our creations and showcase different items to add to these special homes. Supply list for sessions will be sent out in two week increments with Amazon links for any specialty items. If local stores are open and you feel comfortable shopping there, please do that.

Some recommended supplies are egg cartons, cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, tape (scotch, duck tape, washi tape), glue stick, tacky glue, hot glue gun, markers (washable and sharpie), crayons, pencils, pens, white and colored paper, scissors, sculpey clay, clay tools

Word Games

Grades: 3rd - 7th Grade 

Tuesdays, 1 PM

Instructor: Michael Singer

Continuing from the religious school year, we will play the daily Spelling Bee, KenKen, and Sudoku (all found on the New York Times website). Other games may also be played.  

Israel: Discoveries, Inventions, and Innovations

Grades: 3rd - 8th Grade

Instructor: Gail Maurer

Mondays, 4 PM

Each week we will learn about one or more of Israel’s latest discoveries, inventions, and innovations. We will spend a short time in the beginning learning about Israel’s most famous inventions, discoveries, and innovations from decades past. Then we will look at what Israel is doing now, from working on a CoVid vaccine to finding a cure for pancreatic cancer, from harvesting drinking water from plain air to making meat without harming any animals, and from helping the blind to see to working on a 3D printed heart. If students would like, we can work together to put together a video to share with the school at a future date.

Tikkun Olam Games: Protecting the World & Sandbox Gaming 

Grades: Geared to 3rd - 8th Grade, but all are welcome 

Wednesday, 2 PM

Instructor: Felisa Weiss

This will be a combination of online gaming & recreating an environment virtually and physically. Requires access to online games through computers and/or game consoles. If students are new to online gaming, guardians are recommended to attend a Zoom Q&A to go over expectations, safety issues  & setting time limits. We will be playing kid-friendly games: Animal Crossing New Horizons & Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.  These games are appropriate for all ages, but do require a late 2nd Grade reading level.

Creative Jewish Arts

Grades: 5th - 8th Grade

Tuesdays, 4 PM

Instructor: Michaela Shamash

A summer art class that explores the basics of drawing and engages in creative, colorful projects using materials at home. Through focused discovery of the shapes and patterns around us, we will begin to understand the basics of drawing and creating from our surroundings. Together, we will find inspiration in the things and ideas that surround us. This class will use Hebrew letters as drawing inspiration, but no prior knowledge is needed as we will review together. 

Current Events through a Jewish Lens

Grades: 6th - 7th Grade

Monday,  7 PM

Instructor: Ros Shamash

We will use Jewish texts and teachings to gain a deeper understanding of how to respond to what is happening in our country and the world.  This class aims to educate, engage, and inspire the emerging teens in our Temple family.  Feel free to bring a snack and please bring an open mind and heart!  

Jewish Meditation

Grades: 6th - 8th Grade

Wednesday, 7 PM

Instructor: Ros Shamash

Meditation is a powerful tool.  It awakens intuition, improves concentration, reduces stress, connects our souls with sacred energy, and opens our lives to unlimited possibilities.  In this class, students will be guided to learn simple meditation techniques and build skills to attain a quiet mind, an expanded heart, and a joy-filled spirit. 

Tikkun Middot Online Gaming: One for All & All for One

Grades: 6th and up (through high school)

Games are rated ages 10+ & 12+.

Thursday, 4 PM

Instructor: Felisa Weiss

Class will be participating in playing and creating online and virtual games. The games will be a combination of RPG, puzzles & sandbox world. Students will briefly meet up on Zoom prior going to said game online each week. Students are recommended to attend a 1st Zoom Class Q&A to review expectations & suggestions. 

Jewish Cooking Around the World

Grades: All Ages, adult supervision required for young children

Instructor: Gail Maurer

Thursdays, 4 PM

Each session we will cook a “Jewish food,” concentrating on foods that are not what we think of as “typical” Jewish food.  As we cook, we will learn about our diverse history as Jews.  While all ages are welcome, adults will  be needed for the younger students. Make it a family event!


Thu, July 9 2020 17 Tammuz 5780